Fan Fiction #1

Sit down with a cup of tea and listen to some imaginative Dirty Harry Fan Fiction. Little stories between the scenes in the film.

Narrated by David Dedrick of SNEAKY DRAGON podcast.

01:38 – Red Cross Calling (written by Mitch Grinter)
06.48 – Scorpio’s Summer (written by Evelyn Hamlett)
16.06 – Three Quarters Of An Hour (written by Jonathon Bampton)
21.09 – Hot Dog Day Afternoon (written by Stuart Rice)
25.06 – Harry Buys Some Pants (written by Glyn Francis)
29.56 – The Brute ( written by David Dedrick)
35.19 – When Harry Met Scorpio ( written by Daniel Thompson)
39.10 – Harry & Norma (written by Karen Sims)
41.14 – Marcella Platt – Bus Driver (written by Jonathan Carlisle)
43.45 – The Meeting Downtown (written by Joel Kruse)
46.20 – An Occurence At Landspur Creek Trestle Bridge (written by Jonathon Bampton)

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