1. Yes, the novelization is what confirms his name as Charles Davis. It’s a really brief scene where they mention it, I actually missed it the first time reading the book.

    1. Thanks for listening to the podcast Elizabeth 🙂 Have you read many of the other novelizations? I regret not getting the book until more than half way through the podcast.

      Jon and team

      1. Omg, I’m sorry I never saw this reply!! I admit I didn’t keep up with it as episodes were still coming out when I found this podcast and I just didn’t have the attention span to keep checking lol. Now that you guys have finished I’m definitely going to listen through the rest of them. This is such a cool thing you’ve done and I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve checked in on it I’m so glad to have found people who love this movie just as much as I do. Happy 50th anniversary to Dirty Harry!!!!!

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