Minute 38 – Scorpio Takes The Bait

One Liner Insight. Rushed Hippies With Cute 1970s Natural Vibe. Pre #MeToo Laughs. Our Guests: Mitch Grinter. Georgia Williams. Liz Williams. Check out Mitch on Twitter: @MichGrinter. Check out “Four Finger Discount” Podcast for all your Simpson’s entertainment: www.fourfingerdiscount.com.au dirtyharryminute.com contact@dirtyharryminute.com

Minute 37 – Distractions

In The Wee Small Hours With Harry Callahan. Jesus Popsicle. Clockwork Orange Nightmares. Our Guest: Trav Nash Check out Trav on Twitter: @Nashtopia Check out Trav’s podcast ‘Tales From The Mind Boat’: http://www.talesfromthemindboat.libsyn.com. dirtyharryminute.com contact@dirtyharryminute.com