Minute 52 – Screw The Bag

Tunnel Gangs. Beatle Paul. Hello Hello. Our Guests: Sam Petersen. Ryan Sliwinski. Bartek Kasprzyszak. Sam Petersen: @mrsammyp. https://podtail.com/en/podcast/confessions-of-the-idiots/. Ryan & Bartek: https://spitandpolish.podbean.com.      https://www.facebook.com/spitandpolishpresents.

Minute 44 – Mary Had A Little Lamb

Chopped Off At The Ankles.  Harry’s Q. Kinda Like The New Bible. Our Guests: Chas Licciardello. Tim Long. Shane Andrewartha. Check out Chas on Twitter: @ChasLicc. Check out The Chaser: https://chaser.com.au/ Website: dirtyharryminute.com. Twitter: @minutedirty. Facebook: @dirtyharryminute. Email: contact@dirtyharryminute.com.

Minute 37 – Distractions

In The Wee Small Hours With Harry Callahan. Jesus Popsicle. Clockwork Orange Nightmares. Our Guest: Trav Nash Check out Trav on Twitter: @Nashtopia Check out Trav’s podcast ‘Tales From The Mind Boat’: http://www.talesfromthemindboat.libsyn.com. dirtyharryminute.com contact@dirtyharryminute.com